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South Carolina Chapter of ACDIS

Membership Drive Policy

Effective Date:  10/2017

1.  The South Carolina Chapter of ACDIS welcomes all Clinical Documentation Improvement and other healthcare professionals interested in attending our quarterly meetings.  Our mission is to support improvement and professional growth through networking, educational programs, and program recognitions.

2.  Membership in the South Carolina Chapter of ACDIS is not required to attend quarterly Chapter meetings. 

3.  Invitations and announcements of quarterly meetings will be emailed out to both members of the Chapter and non-members no less than 30 days prior to the meeting.  We welcome the sharing of the invitation by our members or non-members to others who may be interested in attending our meetings.  

4.  The meeting invitation will include a link to register and pay online via Storefront.  Registrations are accepted and and confirmed once payment is received, or arrangements for payment have been made with the Treasurer through email (i.e., check to be mailed to the Treasurer, check in person at the door, or cash at the door). 

5.  Due to potential space limitations at the meeting sites, we cannot guarantee a seat at the meeting until payment or arrangements for payment have been received. 

6.  Situations may arise that require cancellation of a meeting reservation.  Requests for refunds must be made in writing to the attention of the Treasurer.  The Treasurer will issue a refund check within 7 days of the scheduled meeting date.  

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