The South Carolina Chapter of ACDIS welcomes all 

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Our misson is to support improvement and professional growth through networking, educational programs, and program recognitions.  



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      Letter from the President

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This past year and a half have been very busy, social distancing, working from home, monitoring the kids’ schooling, then keeping up with demands for creative Clinical Documentation and trying to stay well! I want you to know we all are right there with you.

I am writing to let you know that the SCACDIS Board has had a difficult time keeping up, but we have not forgotten the responsibilities we undertook. 

In the research we have undertaken to get the summer series up and running, we have hit snags. I have inside connections with ACDIS, but nothing has been fruitful.  In lieu of the series, please accept a codes reference. We will be sending out an ICD-10 tip sheet to all of those that have their mailing address on file. Please log into https://www.joinit.org/o/south-carolina-chapter-of-acdis/members and update your address on file within the next week. 

As far as upcoming meetings, I have been communicating with SCHIMA and NCACDIS to have sessions with them later in the year. The SCACDIS and NCACDIS joint meeting will be in December and in Charleston .  I just met the new SCHIMA president so more to work out there.  Of course, this is all contingent of COVID. 

As we speed towards the end of the year (it is flying by correct?) I would like to put out a call for officers for the SCACDIS board.

All positions will be open in 2022:
⦁    President
⦁    Secretary
⦁    Treasurer
⦁    Social Media Director 

We will train you! It is a great steppingstone to getting involved in your career path. Please reach out to any of the board if you would like to hold office. 
We appreciate all your patience as we navigate these crazy times.

Johanne Brautigam BSN, RN CCDS, SCACDIS President 2020-2021    johanne.brautigam@ensemblehp.com  johanne.brautigam@rsfh.com

Amanda Suttles BSN, RN CCDS, SCACDIS Secretary 2020-2021   amanda.suttles@uasisolutions.com

Deborah Lawrence, ADB, ADN, RN, CCDS SCACDIS Treasurer 2020-2021   deborah.lawrence@ensemblehp.com, deborah.lawrence@rsfh.com 

Heather Luton BSN, RN CCDS, SCACDIS Social Media Director 2020-2021  Heather.Luton@prismahealth.org














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