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Call for Speakers


Our speakers are what makes our SCACDIS Meetings a success! 


We are a small group and our members are genuinely interested in what you can share to help them grow as CDI specialists.  As a clinical documentation specialist, you already have the relevant credentials. 


You know more than you think!    

We want to learn about your outcomes, your processes, and your challenges! 


It can be your turn to inspire and encourage them!


It’s daunting, it’s time consuming and it’s challenging,

but it’s also fun, rewarding and inspiring. 


So, go on… say yes! 

Benefits for Speakers

Being a SCACDIS speaker has many benefits for you, including: 

  1. Your meeting fee is waived. 

  2. You will receive a $25.00 gift card honorarium.

  3. You will challenge yourself.

  4. You will inspire your confidence.

  5. You will increase your networking opportunities.

  6. You will build your resume.

  7. You will provide an opportunity to give back to CDI profession.

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